One Piece Episode 1 000

One Piece episode 1000 marked a historic moment in the One Piece community. Here are my thoughts on the episode:

My 3 Saddest Moments in One Piece [16/30]

One Piece has its fair share of really memorable and heart breaking moments. This post does contain spoilers. My saddest moments include up until the arc on Cake Island, Sanji's family and Big Mom's plot. Below I have listed a few moments and I can not decide which hurts my heart more.

My Favourite Female Characters in One Piece [5/30]

When it comes to the women of One Piece I honestly have not paid much attention to them. That means picking a favourite is incredibly challenging. After giving it a lot of thought and trying to recall the women, there are a few that stand out to me. I do like Boa Hancock, I like Vivi too, Nami is a good contender and so is Robin. Carrot is cute too but none of them are my favourite.

My Favourite Male Characters in One Piece [4/30]

I have multiple characters in One Piece that I would consider for my favourites. I can name quite a few like Shanks, Rayleigh, Ace, Sabo, Kakakuri, the guy from CPO with the bird...I am a simple one to please. As such, deciding on a single favourite was really difficult and as such, I settled for my top two.

One Piece Free Anime Calendar 2021

I took an unintended break between releasing this One Piece anime calendar for 2021 and the previous calendar. I put it together and used screenshots from the current Wano arc happening in the anime. Some of the screenshots are from this morning’s episode, 959.

Anime in Jump Force

Jump Force, a game based on a selection of Shōnen Jump's anime. The game covers 15 anime titles and has 53 characters pulled from those titles. Of those characters, 10 are paid for as DLC's (downloadable content). Check out the below list to see which anime and characters were pulled into the game.

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