I’m Addicted, it’s a Classroom☆Crisis

Recently South Africa has been going through power outages on a daily basis. During these scheduled outages I have made sure to have my laptop and phone charged so that I can entertain myself for the four or so hours we are without electricity. As such, I have found myself going through quite a few... Continue Reading →

Lookism, a forced reflection

I found this one going through my manga app and decided to give it a try. The write up (which I actually did read this time) grabbed my interest and piqued my curiosity. I was expecting a light read with some humour and decent artwork. I had not expected the rather glaring finger pointing at... Continue Reading →

What Lies At The End, ended?

I was so happy to see that another chapter had been released, translated and updated on my app and then in one swift move my happiness was pulled away from underneath me.  Mangaka: Haribo Type: Webtoon Genre:  School Life, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Yaoi Chapters:  60 - some are listed as .2 or .5 Status: Complete Anime adaptation:... Continue Reading →

Baby Steps Review

I finally watched an anime about tennis! A friend of mine recently got back from America and he let me get a hold of his external. I really was happy as I managed to get over 800gigs of anime I did not have. Baby Steps was one of those. As per the norm, I had... Continue Reading →

My wife is the student council president

Recently this has kept cropping up time and again so I decided what the heck, I might as well go check it out. It is nothing like the ecchi's I have seen before. Genre:  Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Shounen Number of Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA Episode length: 8 minutes Duration to watch all episodes: 1 hr 45 min... Continue Reading →

New Anime December 2016

Seriously scary how fast the year has flown by. I can not believe we are already in December! Looking at what is coming out this month I am glad to say that there looks to be quite a few interesting movies as well as anime and OVA's. Early warning, this is a longish post so... Continue Reading →

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