Aoharu x Kikanjuu, the anime review

After reading the manga Seishun X Kikanjuu I happily learnt I have the anime form of this and I just had to dive straight into it and watch it. I started watching this around half 1 in the morning and as such had to stop halfway through since I did need some sleep. However, I finally... Continue Reading →

Baby Steps Review

I finally watched an anime about tennis! A friend of mine recently got back from America and he let me get a hold of his external. I really was happy as I managed to get over 800gigs of anime I did not have. Baby Steps was one of those. As per the norm, I had... Continue Reading →

Air Gear, taking a sport to the extreme

I have always been fascinated with roller blades and through my lifetime have owned two or three pairs. However my balance being what it is and the roads being rather gravely I have not been all that active with them but have always wanted to skate. So when I saw Air Gear was about skating... Continue Reading →

Yowamushi Pedal, but I don’t even like bicycles!

What, wait huh? How can they just end the season like that? Well I get to that soon enough. I am not a big sports fan in any way shape or form, but my curiosity got the better of me when a couple people mentioned they were watching this and I read a review of... Continue Reading →

Kuroko no Basket

When I mentioned that I was now watching this I was asked by a few people about what I thought of this anime. So I just knew I had to do a review on this. Then I debated doing a review on all 3 seasons, or do them one at a time. I decided to... Continue Reading →

New Anime December 2016

Seriously scary how fast the year has flown by. I can not believe we are already in December! Looking at what is coming out this month I am glad to say that there looks to be quite a few interesting movies as well as anime and OVA's. Early warning, this is a longish post so... Continue Reading →

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