Catharsis, why did I wait so long to read it?

Catharsis is the process of releasing, and in return getting relief from, strong or repressed emotions. What a very apt name for this webtoon. At first, I was mildly curious so I saved this to read at a later date and I only originally read this because seeing the notifications for all the chapter updates was... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Action Webtoons

Recently I have found that I am reading a lot of webtoons which most of the time I just classify as 'manga' although technically it is not a manga. I will do another post on the main differences between manga, manhwa, webtoons etc. That is for another time however. Below is a list of 5... Continue Reading →

Killing Stalking, a twisted read

When I first heard what this was about I thought of Stephen King’s Misery and it appealed to me. I tend to enjoy the darker stories with a disturbing thread. However other than hobbling and being trapped this has nothing else in common with Misery. I was curious and had high hopes for a properly... Continue Reading →

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