Kokuō is the Five Tailed Beast

The five tailed beast resembles a white horse with five tails and a head similar to that of a dolphin. It has two pointed long horns and three (two in the anime) shorter horns in front.  Kokuō also has red markings under its dark blue-green eyes.The ends of its horns, hooves, and tails are tan coloured.

Kokuō is a proud and a fierce fighter. Kokuō is quiet and reserved, preferring  to not speak much. It tends to refer to itself  as watakushi, which makes it come across as very polite.

Kokuō has great physical strength and uses its horns in combat. It also has incredibly strong will power.

It combines Fire and Water to create it’s Boil Release attack. Kokuō can also increase the heat of its chakra itself, giving itself or its jinchūriki massive bursts of power and speed.

Kokuō was the only tailed beast to be that had been temporarily able to break free from Tobi. After the war, it isolates itself in the forest to avoid more conflict.

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