Another Anime Challenge

Yes yes I am going to do another challenge. I enjoy them and it gives me something to think about. I originally saw this challenge over at GrimGirl and decided to join in. However she was doing it over 30 days! I am not quite that insane and have thus decided to do it over a course of 15 weeks, say what?! That seems like a really long time I know, but it goes by so friggen quickly it is scary. I aim to post two answers a week so every Monday and Wednesday. SO if my first answer goes up on the 22 August then the last one will go live on the 30th of November! This means that it will be a long running challenge.

However I will admit that I am being slightly sneaky and using this as an opportunity to not let the site be at a stand still, since this is the time of year where my life gets crazy busy and I loose all track of time, day and self. Thus this is also content creation for me.

Also I would like to invite everyone to join me if they like. Whether it is creating posts on your own blogs (please tag me so that I don’t miss your answers!) or by placing your answers in the comments section of my own answers. Either way I would also like to know your thoughts.

So what will we be posting on? In the below image are the 30 questions/topics for the weeks ahead.

Anime Challenge (1).jpg

I know some of these questions have come up before and been answered but it has been some time since the last set of answers and as such, I have seen a lot more anime and since my personality is as it is, a lot of my answers have changed.

You can do this as a daily challenge or break it up just like I have. Either way I hope you’ll join me and I look forward to your answers! If you are going to join lemme know in the comments below!


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