GeekFest 2018, come and gone

Wow what a weekend! Between my parent’s going away, GeekFest and then a sudden family emergency the weekend did not go quite as expected. Or rather, Saturday did not go quite as expected. However, I did manage to make it to GeekFest for both Saturday and Sunday and for that I am really grateful and glad that I did.

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A brief overview of Saturday

Saturday I had to wait for our gardener to finish up before I could head off to GeekFest with my brother. Our departure was further delayed by a repair needed doing at his place and I needed to put petrol in my car. Long story short, we eventually arrived at GeekFest shortly after 12. Yet that did not bother me as the fun was going to run into the evening and I was looking forward to it.

Once my brother and I arrived at MonteCasino, he had to buy his ticket for the day and I needed to grab my media pass. I was already seeing people in Cosplay scattered around MonteCasino itself and those in the line ahead of me were freaking awesome! I will get to the pictures soon. I was just getting more excited. I really had no idea what to expect.

As we walked outside I was pretty impressed by the tents, the layout, the people and the vibe. The place was crowded, loud and there were quite a few cosplayers doing what they do best. There was plenty to look at regarding the stalls and there was a nice food and drink variety. Although, the pricing, as with all events, was a tad on the high side for the food and drink.

Sadly, I was not at GeekFest long. Not longer after we had arrived I got a message and a phone call. I needed to leave and get home quickly. So I looked for my brother, took a couple more shots of cosplayers, grabbed lunch and started the long drive home. Thus I did not get a good chance to actually take it all in and basically did a quick look around as I looked for my brother. We were barely there for two hours in all. What I did manage to see of the Live Action Role Play and games on stage as well as the robo-wars was pretty fun and amusing.

Even though we were there for a pretty short time, my brother did manage to grab an awesome Overwatch cap, two Deadpool shirts and a couple other things but I waited for the ‘last day’ as I always do.

So yeah, that was my Saturday at GeekFest, but I believe the event went on till after 6pm which was then followed by activities by participators once the Fest had closed and I really wish I could have attended.

Saturday’s Cosplay:

A short look at Sunday

My day had a lazy start with me getting out of bed later than intended which just delayed everything. I managed to arrive at GeekFest not long after 11 and actually managed to stay until they kicked us out. Sunday had quite a different vibe compared to Saturday and left quite a few of us wondering where all of the cosplayers were hiding.

Don’t get me wrong, the vibe was more chilled and relaxed whereas Saturday had been more hustle and bustle. There were cosplayers, but it was a noticeable difference compared to Saturday. There were less people there which made it easier to browse the stalls and actually see what they had on offer. Personally I like quiet days for shopping, which is one of the reasons I leave all of mine until the last day of an event which is usually a Sunday.

The Live Action Role Play was amusing to see and often made me chuckle when I watched. I also enjoyed the results of the cosplay contests. Most of all I enjoyed just walking around with Brainard from KyuasKorner trying to find the cosplayers that were around and chatting to other media peeps and the cosplayers (okay he mainly chatted and I awkwardly watched them talk and added my 2 cents).

GeekFest Cosplay Sunday 20 May 2018 (1)

The conga line that sprouted up was pretty fun to watch and race as we ran to get ahead of them so that some fun footage could be taken. There was also an amusing dancing contest to watch.

I also loved the ‘geeky’ music that had been played on and off throughout the day. I still love that a Bleach intro song was played as well as The Adam’s Family theme song and yes the X-files and Starwars music too.

Sunday’s Cosplay:

I walked away with some pretty snazzy anime badges which I have now added to my current mini collection. I placed my new badges with my old ones, on my handbag strap (^^,)

Overall I enjoyed my experience at GeekFest and I shall be attending again and will hopefully do less awkward watching. At least I am aware that I do this. I just wish I had managed to attend the whole of Saturday, but hey, when you are needed, you are needed.


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  1. Your photos came out pretty well, checked my footage and feeling alil uneasy about some of them but will see how it goes. I enjoyed reading your review of GeekFest and I realized that maybe I was too anxious and maybe too much in rush this weekend to get footage. Need to calm down alil next time and take it slow like how I would normally do it.
    At least you were able to add in your 2 cents rather than not talking at all lol, but don’t worry, it took me a while to get comfortable with the cosplayers as well. Well, looking forward to seeing you at the next con hopefully for another con adventure!

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