What is ICON CGC?

ICON CGC is officially happening in less than ten days time and yet it is still somewhat unclear what ICON CGC is and what you can expect from it. Unless you have already attended ICON CGC in previous years, then you should know what to expect better than I do.

ICON Comic and Games Convention has been going on for the past 25 years making this their 26th year running. They are South Africa’s longest running and largest pop culture event. What rock have I been living under that I did not know about this?

I was so disappointed in myself for not knowing about ICON CGC before now…

ICON CGC offers board gaming and tabletop warfare, cosplay competitions, national tournaments, educational panels, international guests and so much more. I browsed their site and discovered that they have a tradition where they show anime over the course of the weekend. This was me instantly sold. I needed no further convincing. I just know I have to be there.

I’m all in 😀

Before I even knew about the anime aspect of ICON CGC I knew about the cosplay side. This was what had originally attracted me to to the event. I can hardly describe how excited I am to go around taking pictures of the cosplay that is going to be there and meet new faces while saying hi to those I already know.

Yet, this year, ICON CGC has upped their cosplay competition game drastically. This year, ICON has made it so that South Africa will be part of the global World Cosplay Summit 2018 Championships! Taking this into consideration, I am really excited for what is to come.

The Details:

  • When: 29 June (Friday), 30 June (Saturday) and 1st July (Sunday)
  • Where: Emperors Palace ~  Red Roman Shed
    • Address: 64 Jones Rd, Kempton Park, Gauteng 1620
  • Pricing:
    • R120 Friday
    • R120 Saturday
    • R120 Sunday
    • R250 for a weekend pass
    • R895.00 – R1,995.00 VIP pass
  • Time:
    • Friday
      • 9am – 6pm
    • Saturday
      • 9am – 6pm
    • Sunday
      • 9am – 5pm

I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that each year ICON CGC invites and hosts key international guests such as authors, thought leaders and more from the world of pop culture.

Wanna learn more? Check out their website here www.iconcgc.co.za or their Facebook page. Otherwise, you can grab your tickets from Tixa here or get a full weekend pass over here! I can’t wait to get to ICON!


Now for some extra news, my Facebook page for All About Anime and Manga recently reached 5 500 likes! So to help me celebrate this milestone, the people over at ICON have arranged two weekend passes for me to give away to one lucky person!

To see how you can win a weekend pass for yourself and a friend ask me a question for an upcoming Q&A feature! The question can be about anything, from my blog, hobbies, life, anime etc… I will only be selecting the winner from those who use the hashtag #ICON18 after their question. Eg: How old are you? #ICON18

The hashtag lets me differentiate between those entering the giveaway and those who just wanna ask a question. I will be answering as many questions as I possibly can.


Will I be seeing you there?


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