Akame Ga Kill, I still need tissues

I had done a brief review of Akame Ga Kill years ago, however, I felt that it was time to relook the review and update it. So here we are with a quick rewatch, reopening of old wounds and a box of tissues as I reexperience this anime.

  • Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Tragedy
  • Type: Series
  • Episodes: 24
  • Duration to watch: +/- 8 hours
  • Age restriction: PG 13
  • Release date: July 2014
  • Animation Studio: White Fox
  • Does it have a manga: Yes
  • Kanji: アカメが斬る!

About Akame Ga Kill:

Tatsumi, is a fighter from a small village travels to the capital with hopes of making money with his two friends to send back to their struggling village. Once at the capital Tatsumi is quickly swindled out of all his money. After a quick succession of tragic events, Tatsumi finds himself drawn into a group of assassins.  He can either join them or die.

My Thoughts:

My heart hurts. Akame ga Kill did a brilliant job getting you attached to the characters. While the plot itself is good and the story is interesting, it is the characters that draw you in. You find yourself rooting for nearly everyone while bracing yourself for what is going to happen next.

Kill the Darkness (Akame ga Kill)

Even though the anime only has 24 episodes, it effortlessly fleshes out the character and their backstories without really distracting from the main core of the plot itself. The character relationships were done well and thankfully never felt forced.

I laughed at the funnier moments and honestly cried at a lot of the scenes. It did a really good job at balancing out the moments and while a lot happens it never feels overly rushed. The timing and pacing just worked on the whole for this narrative.

The switch in the main character near the end briefly left a disjointed feeling. However, considering the name of the anime, the shift should have not come as much as a surprise as what it had.

While the anime does deviate from the manga, it does complete a story and by experiencing both, you get to see two alternative possibilities of their world. Personally, I prefer the ending of the manga.

Favourite Character:  Lubbock

The character that upset me the most: Seryu Ubiquitous

While I know that she was not technically a bad guy but a victim of the system they were in, I can’t help but be upset by her.

Would I recommend this anime? I have recommended this anime to many people already. It’s a great ‘starter’ for those looking to go into something more ‘anime-ish’ that is not too long or airing during kid’s time tv. It has that mature plot the touches on the tough topics while not delving into being too dark or serious. I know I have converted some people into fans.

What did you think of Akame Ga Kill?


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