GeekFest is this weekend!

Oh my gosh, I just finished reading the press release for GeekFest and now I am really excited for this year’s event. This year the theme is Big in Japan.

The theme, Big In Japan, makes me rather happy as it means that I have not missed the theme that could probably not be a better fit for my anime blog. The theme has me hopeful that there will be a small shift to the anime and manga side of things. I know there has been more visible merch and a growing focus on the ‘otaku’ side of the geekdom at geek events, but it is still rather on the small and rare side.

The fact the press release calls for geeks to ‘bring on all thing’s anime, manga and otaku’ is such a proud moment for me. It means that our growing voice is starting to be heard and that we are gaining recognition. Knowing for a fact that it honestly isn’t just me asking the vendors if they have anything anime related at all.

Let’s dive straight into the details:

  • When: 28 (Friday) 29 (Saturday) and 30 (Sunday) June 2019
  • Where: Sun Arena, Time Square, Pretoria
  • Pricing:
    • R120 Friday
    • R120 Saturday
    • R120 Sunday
    • R300 for a weekend pass
  • Time:
    • Friday
      • 10am-8pm
    •  Saturday
      • 10am – 8pm
    • Sunday
      • 10am – 5pm

What can you expect at GeekFest 2019?

I’ll start with what I am the most excited for, the Noodle Box Theater where they shall be hosting an anime film festival! They will be showing Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Pop in Q. The reason it is called Noodle Box Theater, is because while watching you can enjoy a box of noodles! Also, you can block out all other noise and focus on what you are watching, since we can watch with headphones! I love this idea and I can’t wait to experience it and get chatting with the people here.

Then throughout the weekend, there shall be daily cosplay competitions and panels as well as Pokemon Go tournaments. The organisers have arranged for a martial arts display on Sunday. I have seen some of the cosplayers cosplay lineups for the weekend and to say I am looking forward to seeing them is grossly understated.

Saturday and Sunday will each see a Geek Quizz that will cover all fandoms and genre. They will be hosted Quizz Master Dayle Robin on Saturday and Sunday in the food court area.

According to the press release, there will be sumo wrestling, which I am really curious to see, especially in person. Plus they have arranged a Dance Dance Revolution setup. I know I will be stiff and absolutely horrendous at it, but I know at some point I shall find myself hoping to keep time and beat with the fast-moving arrows.

I am also looking forward to checking out the robowars. Plus I am hoping to watch some interesting and amusing moments in the Gladiator Ring and during the LARP tournament.

Wanna learn more? Check out their website here  or their Facebook page. Otherwise, you can grab your tickets from Ticketpro here or get a full weekend pass over here!

Will I be seeing you there?



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