Chelsea, the Shapeshifting and Lollipop Assassin

I came so close to setting the title as Chelsea, the loli-pop assassin, but I am doing basing this series on their abilities, not the memes. This post is a basic look at who Chelsea was as a character in the anime, Akame Ga Kill. I have kept the character description as spoiler-free as I could. 

  • Name: Chelsea
  • Teigu: Gaea Foundation
  • Height: 157 cm
  • Team: Night Raid
  • Age: in her 20s
  • Anime: Akame Ga Kill


Akame Ga Kill Panshot AllAnimeMag

Chelsea had pale skin, auburn hair and red eyes. She wore a butterfly headphone accessory on her head. She wore long sleeve white collar shirt underneath a black vest with slight red accents on the vest and a tied red ribbon in place of a tie. She completes her look with a red checkered mini skirt with white trimming and black leather below-the-knee boots. She is almost always seen sucking a lollipop.


Chelsea had a mischievous personality, but this may have been an act. She had a cold, and calculating side which can often lead to her making a blunt (but accurate) analysis of a person or situation. In the end, she was shown to have good intentions and tried to help the Night Raid members to become more realistic, as she was shown to deeply care for them and didn’t want to lose them like she lost her old team. She was shown to have a love for lollipops as her Teigu was filled with them and she was usually shown having one in her mouth.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Chelsea Akame ga kill allanimemag

Chelsea used the Teigu named “Gaea Foundation” which enabled allowed her to change her appearance at will. She used this ability to trick Mine, stealing her food and Tatsumi when he sneaked up on her. While her Teigu is a support and covert type,  she has gotten as many jobs and assassinations as Akame, suggesting that Chelsea was quite the skilled assassination.

She mainly used stealth in her battles, waiting for her enemy to get close before killing them in a single hit using needles. She excelled at deception to trick people and let their guard go down.

Chelsea is Voiced by:

  • Kaori Nazuka in the original Japanese (subbed) version
  • Emily Neves in the English (dubbed) version
Anime Quote Akame Ga Kill Chelsea AllAnimeMag


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