Free 2020 Anime Calendars

2020 is here and so is the rollout for the free downloadable anime calendars for this year! After a poll, it was determined that the theme for the year would be anime battles. So after getting suggestions for which battles to feature for the below anime, I went on the hunt for screenshots from each anime to highlight each battle.

Free Anime Calendars available this 2020:

Click on the images below to go to the calendar.

Fairy Tail Free 2020 Downloadable Calendar AllANimeMag Free 2020 Romance Anime Calendar AllAnimeMag Free 2020 My Hero Academia Calendar AllAnimeMag Free 2020 One Piece Calendar AllAnimeMag Free 2020 Naruto Calendar Free Dragon Ball Calendar 2020 AllAnimeMag Free Bleach Calendar 2020 AllAnimeMag


Your thoughts?

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