Retrying Mystic Messenger

I tried playing Mystic Messenger a really long time ago, a few years if I am honest. So I thought it was time to try again and even though I failed the first time, I plan to conquer every route (with a little help).

It was during my past play through that I realised that I could not actively pursue the character that I really wanted (Jumin). I only learnt this after searching the world wide web for answers on how to get access to his route.

Thus I kind of lost interest as I did not want to have to play once and then unlock the Deep route to get access to Jumin. Plus on top of the realisation, I could not go after the character I want, I had a few changes in the real world that distracted me and needed my attention more than the game.

Mystic Messenger Capture Targets

So, with the end of 2020 upon us and a lot more crazy things I decided I needed a distraction, and what better way than to distract myself with a game that:

  • Is taking up space on my phone.
  • I have been wanting to complete.
  • Requires about ten minutes of your time at various intervals throughout the day.
  • Is perfect for a brief distraction.

From research, I know the play through takes 11 days for a complete route (until the good ending.) Thus I plan to at intervals of 11day stints, complete routes. I aim not to spend a cent and keep to the free to play way.

The game has 3 modes, casual, deep and another. Each mode offers different capture targets.

  • Casual:
    • Zen
    • Yoosung
    • Jaehee
  • Deep:
    • Jumin
    • 707
  • Another:
    • V

While playing through each of the above-mentioned character routes I shall be trying to farm for hearts from the characters. That way I will be able to exchange them for hourglasses (the currency of the game).

Side note, I am making crib notes from VG 24/7 – This website is practically a cheat code. They have given all of the answers and responses to succeed with all the characters. However, after a few days following their guides, I don’t stick to them 100%. There have been some options that I changed up and got a heart from it – because even in a game, I can’t say I dislike cats. So I am following their guides (mainly so that I will actually see this through – and to see if they work.)

My playthrough order:

  • Zen
  • Yoosung – currently busy with
  • Jaehee
  • Jumin
  • 707
  • V

If I manage to successfully play through each capture target, that will be a minimum of 77 days that I have dedicated to the game. Thus I will be splitting it up and doing it as a series over months.

Have you played Mystic Messenger?


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