My Favourite Male Characters in One Piece [4/30]

I have multiple characters in One Piece that I would consider for my favourites. I can name quite a few like Shanks, Rayleigh, Ace, Sabo, Karakuri, the guy from CPO with the bird…I am a simple one to please. As such, deciding on a single favourite was really difficult and as such, I settled for my top two. One I can somewhat rationalise to myself, the other is one that I just accept as, it is what it is.

Here is day four of my 30 One Piece Questions. P.s. I placed Zoro in the header image as click bait.

Black Leg, Sanji


At first I was not a big fan of the overly pervy and woman obsessed Sanji. However, as the series proceeded and I got to see more and more of him and got to know more about him, I became a fan.

The final moment that made me a complete sucker for him was a single manga panel of him straight up sobbing. That was the moment my heart just broke for him and now he has a special place in my heart. Even rewatching and rereading the series, moments and antics of his that I found over the top and annoying before are now tolerable and sometimes has me saying “oh Sanji’ accompanied with a slight giggle.


I truly admire the way that Sanji fully commits to what he says and absolutely will not break his own self-bound rules. I am even surprised to say that he does actually respect women – a shock to say so myself. If he had objectified them as it first seems with his pervy antics, he would have no problem ‘kicking’ women.

While the way he approaches women is not really good and does leave many uncomfortable, he does not cross certain lines. He sincerely cares for the women in his life as well as his friends. I adore his fighting style, he has amazing hair and I just adore his overall vibe.

Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar D. Water Law

Law baby! I am a simple person and as such a simple simp. I was a fan of this man before I had even been introduced to him – thanks to fan art. After actually meeting his character in the anime, he soon climbed to the top of my favourites list. His backstory hurt me and his character has captivated me. I look forward to seeing more of him and I am seriously concerned for his safety.

He has so much character development and interaction that I am genuinely concerned that he will be a character that would be ‘worthwhile’ killing off. Law is one of those characters that I adore with very little reason – I just do.


Who is your favourite male character in One Piece and why?

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One thought on “My Favourite Male Characters in One Piece [4/30]

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  1. Ussop! I know, i know “he’s weak” and all. But hear me out. Ussop is really realistic and when push comes to shove he gets the job done as the sniper of the gang and more. Before Franky joined the crew, Ussop had to take care of ship (Merry) by mending it and all.
    He is a Pretty dependable guy, Worthy of being a Strawhat. And not to mention that one scene in Enies Lobby as Sogeking… When he said “よかい”, after receiving orders from his Captain. Shows he can be Serious.
    He even showed that same attitude in Dressrosa while scaring Sugar.

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