4 One Piece Characters I Would Cosplay [29/30]

I am not a cosplayer, I am a sucker for cosplays and cosplayers though. I do have characters that I would like to cosplay from One Piece but feel that I would not do them justice. Below are 4 characters from One Piece that I know I would have fun cosplaying as if I were to do any One Piece cosplay.

Here is the twenty-ninth day and the 29th question of my 30 One Piece Questions series.


Gender-bent Trafalgar D. Water Law

I think putting together a gender-bent cosplay for Law would be quite challenging but fun as well. Plus I like his clothes.

Nami, so many outfits


Nami has a wide choice of outfits to pick and choose from which is nice. Plus with the community choosing her as the One Piece Character I am most like, I would like to cosplay her

Perona, an adored aesthetic


I absolutely adore her and her entire aesthetic. If I could, I would cosplay her in a heartbeat. Her character has a lot of elements to pull into cosplay from the elements of her outfits, her plushies and just her entire personality.

Boa Hancock, a bold decision


Boa has such stunning and daring outfits and I just adore her. I doubt I could pull off her personality or wear her earrings though.

If you were to cosplay a One Piece character, who would it be and why them?

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Your thoughts?

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