5 Episode Rule, Blue Period Impressions

Blue Period is an anime that has been on my seasonal watch list since I first learnt about it. I have the manga in my list of manga that I need to read. I put it on hold until the anime is done. I do not wish to spoil the series for myself, for either the anime or the manga. This is a seasonal anime that I was genuinely looking forward to, and here are my impressions of the anime so far, each episode, and whether I shall be continuing or dropping this.

  • Lighting: Amazing
  • Pacing: Relaxed
  • Characters: interesting and surprisingly complex, but not.
  • Tone: The overall tone has been done really well for a coming of age series.
  • Animation: An anime about art, so you can safely have high expectations.


I have given quick impressions of each of the five episodes while keeping it as spoiler-free as possible.

Episode 1


The first episode had me hook line and sinker. I adore the art teacher and the dialogue in this. I can already tell this is going to be an emotive coming of age and self-discovery anime. This first episode gave a decent view of our seemingly logic focused, main character, Yatora Yaguchi. He needs to contemplate his future and question the sanity of those who decide to pursue art. Until he sees a painting done by a senior. He decides to properly attempt his art project and discovers a new side of himself.

Episode 2


Yaguchi’s financial status being a deciding factor in his university choice hit home and made this a lot more realistic in delivery. I adore seeing the art pieces in this episode and the effort he puts in too. I did not expect nostalgia from this. Watching him really discover joy in this new path while struggling with the reality of his future brought forward some memories from my own high-school days.

Episode 3


The entrance of new characters was quick to arrive and the arrival of new talents was happily received. I look forward to seeing how comparing himself and seeing talented rivals will impact our main boy. The dive into actual art and lingo I kinda ignored, but it made sense. I love to see the fleshing out of the friendship between Ayukawa and Yaguchi. Plus, the representation of Ayukawa is refreshing to see. I can see the beginning of the block.

Episode 4


The raw emotion in this episode was brilliantly brutal to watch. The hurt, the frustration, the expression, I was absorbed. We did learn more about the purposefulness of art and how it really is a personal thing, from making to viewing and grading. The individual approach to the assignment of the cram school reinforced the reason I adore creatives. To be honest, the emotional response in the end quarter of this episode has completely taken my attention and blurred out the rest of this episode. Ah, you can feel that personal growth.

Episode 5


The anime name is starting to make more sense and I am liking it even more. This was an episode that delivered on perspective and then delivered a wake-up call a few minutes later.

Will I continue to watch Blue Period and do I have any expectations?

The art, the story, the characters, all of it has captivated me. I will be watching the entirety of this anime as it comes out and seeing how this coming of age story plays out. I am looking forward to the drama and seeing our characters grow and develop, all while delivering great animation and visuals.

What are your current impressions of the anime Blue Period?

Since I did it for Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire, here is the intro for Blue Period over on my Twitter.


Your thoughts?

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