One Piece Free Anime Calendar 2022

One Piece is the second free anime calendar on offer this year with two variations. It was meant to be the romance-themed one, but that is taking longer than I thought to put together.

These calendars are available for free download as they have been every year. I’ve given PDF download links for the whole calendar as well as the individual months below. For those of us who prefer to mix and match our anime calendars for the year, check out the other various anime calendars on offer.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading calendars for various anime series. Please let me know if you have any requests. I’d also like to get your thoughts on the present calendars.

Simple 2022 Anime Calendar

This calendar style is pretty popular with the Tokyo Ghoul 2022 calendar theme so I thought I would carry it over to One Piece as well. As you can probably tell, I started with moments that stood out in the early days of the anime. Then I got distracted and put in screenshots of moments and characters that I personally enjoy from the series. This is what happens when I jump in without a specific theme and have too many moments to choose from. Well, I hope you like it either way. If not, the wall calendar is a must-see and I think it redeems me.

PDF version on Google Drive


One Piece Anime Wall Calendar

Putting together this wall calendar for One Piece had me troubled. I had half made the calendar before episode 1000 had been released. Then I took the screenshots from episode 1000 and had the tough choice of the journey and growth screenshots from the iconic episode, or the full crew uniting with Jinbe. Both sets were amazing, I also debated using the screenshots with the crews wanted posters. But as you can see below, I decided on the journey. I felt they were much more appropriate and meaningful. Plus I like the way the whole calendar came together. What do you think of it?

PDF version on Google Drive


2 thoughts on “One Piece Free Anime Calendar 2022

Add yours

  1. On the first version of the Calendar at December you should really put Zoro in the Picture too. He is a Supernova and plus Blackbeard makes them a total of 12. Perfect for the 12. Month of the Year, dont you think ?


  2. I think it’s great! However, it would be much better if you put the member according to their birthday month. And maybe, write down where their date is as a reminder.

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