Deadman Wonderland, Rewatched

Deadman Wonderland is the first anime I reviewed on my blog. Deadman Wonderland is a really rough anime and is quite happy to show gore and graphic deaths.

First 5, Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

Aharen Is Indecipherable is an anime that was not on my to watch list for the spring anime season. I watched the first episode and then the next and now here we are with a five-episode experience post.

What Does Iyashikei Mean?

I have come across the term Iyashikei quite a bit in my recent anime viewing and I realised I did not know what it meant. I then delved into the term and related anime and manga.

Fairy Tail, the Manga Continues

This is a list of Fairy Tail spin-offs, one-shots, and continuing manga series that continue on from the series before and after the main Fairy Tail manga and anime were completed. Plus, what each of the manga titles are about and which Fairy Tail characters are featured as the focus.

Overview of my Anime March Madness

Anime March Madness, the anime challenge to watch 31 anime in 31 days. I completed 2022's challenge.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 3

March for me was an insane month for me and made my 5 episodes per day nigh impossible. Still, I gave it my best effort.

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