Filler Free Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is an anime where 40% of its episodes are filler episodes. I list which episodes are filler content and which ones are part filler and part cannon.

5 Anime Similar to Deadman Wonderland

Here are some of the best anime shows to check out if you're looking for something similar to Deadman Wonderland.

Franken Stein, an Insane Scientist

I delve into Franken Stein's physical appearance, personality, backstory, and more. From his signature glasses and black-and-white hair to his penchant for dissecting living creatures, there's a lot to unpack with Franken Stein in this character break down.

52 Anime in 52 Weeks: November

An Anime challenge to watch an anime from beginning to end every week. Here's how my weeks 44 through 47 of the 52 anime in 52 weeks anime challenge went.

What is Cosplay and What Does it Mean?

The term 'Cosplay' comes from combing the words costume and roleplay. But what does that mean? Is it simply dressing up as a fictional character? No, cosplay is so much more than just putting on a costume. It is more than just dressing up. The dictionary defines it as:

Free Overlord Anime Calendar 2023

Here are two free downloadable Overlord anime calendars available for the year 2023. Both calendars are downloadable and printable.

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