Top 20 Seasonal Anime of 2018

Starting a new decade gives us the perfect opportunity to have a look at the previous decade's worth of anime. Starting with the year 2010, we will go through the top 5 anime of each season for each year. Seasonal anime of the decade posts 2010                 2011 2012 ... Continue Reading →

The First 5 – Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

I was so hyped when I first learned that this was being made into an anime. I am really enjoying the manga for this. So when the first episode was released I quickly got my hands on it and watched it straight away. Episode 1     Our main character meets his subordinate's girlfriend and dies... Continue Reading →

10 Anime I am watching this season

I decided that I would give a quick list of the anime that I am looking forward to releasing this fall season and the anime that I will be watching. Below is a list of ten that I have singled out (and notarised in my diary) that I plan to watch. Kimi no Suizou wo... Continue Reading →

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