The first 5 – Zombieland Saga

Zombieland Saga was not part of my initial list of anime that I would be watching from this current season. However, I decided to pick it up after it was recommended to me. I also happened to see a clip or two going around on Facebook.

Episode 1

I love the way this episode opened the season! It was so freaking unexpected. I breezed through the first half of the episode but the whole ‘save saga’ mission is lost on me. The instant metal show was pretty cool.

Episode 2

Okay so Tatsumi is officially irritating me and I want his makeup skills. So much shouting for no reason. I was happy that the girls did not get along instantly and that some tried to escape.  Their rap was also pretty cute.

Episode 3

More yelling and another last minute, basically no prep-time performance, yay! At least the girls have decided on their group name and glad to see some semblance of team work and them coming together as a group.

Episode 4

Finally an actual job while the girls go sight seeing and enjoy their time around the hot springs. I am just wondering how the foot bath did not remove any of the makeup on their feet and legs? It was so strange to actually Tatsumi working for the group. My favourite part of the episode was watching the discovery of the head in the hot spring.

Episode 5

And the girls are now chickens and once again almost blow their cover. Some cute antics and limb popping.

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? I will probably end up dropping it but not just yet. It started off cute and funny and I thought it had some promise. However, as the episodes have gone on, the zombie humour has started to loose it’s appeal and since this is set to be 12 episodes and we are nearing the halfway mark without much plot progress it is not really holding my attention.

What are your thoughts on Zombieland Saga?


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  1. I haven’t watched episode 5 yet, but pretty much I’m going to decide whether to stick with it or drop it after watching that and to be honest I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching anymore after it. Other than the first episode, I haven’t really enjoyed it all that much (though I did really love that first episode).

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