AYA: 22 May 18

The Month of May has been a busy one it would seem. As you know my bestie got engaged and a childhood friend of mine died. Since then GeekFest has also happened and that weekend in itself was a busy and chaotic one.

On Saturday, 19 May 2018, le boyfriend’s father died. I had swapped phones with Jobby to use at the event. It takes better photos and has more memory space than my phone. We did not switch sim cards because well, we do not get many phone calls or messages so if we did get any we could pass along the message. Right, we should have switched sim cards. This was the day everyone was trying to get hold of Jobby to find out if he was okay and to pass along condolences and such.


When he sent me the message saying that his dad had died, at first I did not really take it in but when I had registered what he had said I quickly looked for a quieter part of the event so that I could call him. He did not have the best relationship with his father which had already caused some family tension. I was wary about how he was taking his father’s death. One phone call and I knew I needed to get there soon and be there for him.

I really am unsure how to ‘be there‘ for someone. I don’t know how to console or comfort or do anything like that. I usually bolt from the situation but this time around I could not. So I tried my best but I am not sure how much help I have been. I just did what I want when I want to be consoled so held him tight, told him it would be okay.


Saturday evening we were over at Jobby’s sister’s place with her husband and their brother and his fiance. It was great to see the three of them come together at this time but I hate to admit it, I just did not know what to do or what to say. I ended up playing with the children and talking about nonsensical things.

However, things are still strained and up in the air. It is unsure yet whether Jobby will attend the funeral and how his brother and sister will take the news. His siblings managed to keep a relationship with their father whereas Jobby had basically nothing to do with his father and says that he lost him years ago already. My heart hurts for him and for the rest of the family. Yet I am now worried about how this is really affecting Jobby and I wonder what impact this will have on him in the future.

I have still not built a routine even though I made a pretty schedule and even printed it out. I am also still feeling restless and seem to have little motivation to do anything. Plus this weekend really took it out of me and I am really tired. Tonight is supposed to be a girls night with the bestie but I shall see how I am as the day goes on.


I have even fallen behind in the weekly anime releases and now need to go do a binge watch to get it all in and catch up. I am now behind in Devil’s Line, Wotaku and Boku no Hero Academia.

Manga wise I am still up to date and found a really good read with Perfect World (Aruga Rei) and I am still trying to gather all of the manga I was reading on the manga app. Each time I start I get distracted by new reads.

I am hoping that things slow down a tad going forward, although my dad’s 50th is fast approaching and my mother and I are still busy with plans to move my nana back to the UK. So I doubt my hope for a slower pace will be answered any time soon.


Your thoughts?

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