Reasons I Think That Others Should Start One Piece [2/30]

Yesterday, the 22nd of July, was “One Piece Day” and it kickstarted my answers for my 30 day journey answering 30 One Piece Questions. One Piece is one of the longest-running manga and has gone beyond the 1000 chapter mark and is fast approaching the 1 000 episode mark as well.

As I did for yesterday’s question, I shall be answering for both the anime and manga

Why do I feel others should start watching the One Piece anime?


Love it, hate it or meh about it, you can not argue that One Piece is an iconic figure and an influence on the anime and manga industry. As such, as an anime fan, an attempt should be made to take on the journey that is One Piece-even if that episode count is intimidating and it feels over-hyped.


The high number of episodes means that you can really get involved with the characters and they have the time to develop as well as the plots. You can also take the time that is needed to pace your way through. While the many antics of the main cast can make the whole tone of the anime seem childish, it actually has depth. The anime also does a really good job of getting you to feel for the characters. There is a character for everyone to like, even if you do not like every character.

The anime touches on so many different narratives and struggles of the cast. Often the depth and hardships of the characters are told in a really heart wrenching way. The One Piece world is cruel and corrupt from the government and authorities to the general public who have turned to various outlets like piracy. However, just like in the real world, not everyone is a bad guy and our cast stand up and move on from their tragedies and past, growing.

The world has rules that the characters stick to, and I am not talking about governmental rules but the inner workings of the actual world-building. Yes, they are stronger for their friendships and bonds, but rather than it suddenly and inexplicably giving the cast level-up in boss fights, the characters need to earn their wins.

One Piece is available on Crunchroll and is up to date.

Why do I feel others should start reading the One Piece manga?

While the anime does a really good job overall in adapting the manga content, there are still some aspects that are manga only. The manga also offers another way to consume the story and, as it is the original, I feel it is worth it. I like to support the industry in the minor ways that I can. Reading the weekly releases is a small way I can actually contribute, and for that, I am happy and content. 

Plus, while yes, the anime has done a great job, the pacing is just better in the manga itself. That and the manga is not as censored as the anime. With the great pacing of the manga, it also means that there aren’t as many flashbacks or random story arcs. The manga is also always at the most current point in the story.

One Piece does a great job of connecting points and random moments from earlier arcs making the whole journey feel connected. The linking is a great display of proper and skilled fore-shaddowing.

One Piece is available on the Shounen Jump app on Apple and Android.

Overall, the anime and the manga are both one heck of a ride and an epic journey.

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