6 One Piece Manga Covers That I Love and Why [12/30]

For these 30 One Piece questions, I have made it possible to answer for the anime as well as the manga. As such, day 12’s first post, ‘Which One Piece Closing Track Did You Enjoy the Most? is focused on the anime, as such the question for my fellow manga readers. With over 1000 chapters and almost 100 volumes for the manga, we have a whole lot of cover art to choose from.

Here is the 13th day and 12.2 post of my 30 One Piece Questions in 30 days series.


6 of the One Piece cover art that I love:

Volume 21 and 22 – Teamwork

Out of all of the One Piece manga covers, the two volume I really really like. They are the only two that pair up in this way. Without both I am not particularly interested, but put them both together and it just makes me happy. I adore that they were made to pair up in the vs. layout between the baddies and the goodies. My screenshots don’t do the two justice.

Volume 84 and 90 – Layout+Character

The composition of these two covers pleases me. Volume 84 purely for Sanji and his family. However, I also like the tension between Luffy and Sanji. I like that is shows the seriousness of what is happening in the volume while carrying through the attitude of the characters on the cover.

Volume 90, so many memories, I love the combination of characters as well as the colour pallet.

Volume 83 and 95 – Colour

Look at those pretty colours! I adore the colour combination. I don’t care what happens in these volumes. Do not care one bit. I would buy these purely for the colour and would have these two as ‘display’ pieces on my shelves. I would obviously read them, but their main purpose would to be ‘pretty’.

Do you have any favourite manga jackets/covers of One Piece?

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