5 Moments That Shocked Me in One Piece [17/30]

Eiichiro Oda, the creator behind One Piece is a master of story telling. He has so many inter-connected plot points and foreshadowing that you do not realise is foreshadowed until a certain moment happens or connection is made. As such there have been quite a number of shocking revelations and moments throughout One Piece.

This is the eighteenth day and the 17th question of my 30 One Piece Questions. Still one post behind, but will catch up later today with the 18th question.


5 shocking moments in One Piece for me:

In keeping the spirit of not out right spoiling these shocking moments for those who have yet to experience them, I have given an outline so that those who know will know and those that don’t will need to watch or read to find out. Although number 3 is mostly spoiled.

1. The link between Ace and Gol D. Roger


2. Ussop’s desperate stand for the Merry

3. The reveal of CP9


4. The separation


5. Katakuri making the fight fair


Which are your shocking moments from One Piece?

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Your thoughts?

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