30 Questions for Bleach Fans – a Series

I recently completed a 30 question series for One Piece over 30 days and I really had fun with it. So I decided to take a brief break and then start up again with 30 questions for myself and my fellow Bleach fans. Like with the One Piece questions, these are suitable for both the anime and manga.

I am openly inviting my fellow anime and manga fans, bloggers and peeps to take on these questions too. I am sharing the questions before hand, so that we are all able to think, plan and, if need be, schedule. I personally will be answering one question per day and asking my anime groups and communities a question daily for 30 days.

I have done a Bleach question series before, however, I have since grown, completed the series and developed new thoughts and have changed some questions and my opinions.

My personal starting date for this is Friday, 27th August 2021.

The questions are mostly able to be adapted for the manga and the anime, except for questions 11 and 12. Those two are for the anime. As such, to adapt those two questions for the manga, they would change to:

  • 11 – What is your favourite One Piece Fanart? Please remember to credit the artist.
  • 12 – Which is your favourite cover from the manga – can be for the manga volume or the chapter

I have typed up the questions so that it is easy and simple. It is just a matter of copy and paste.

30 Questions for Bleach Fans

  1. What do you like about Bleach?
  2. What do you dislike about Bleach?
  3. Would you be a Shinigami, Vizard, Espada, Quincy, Fullbringers etc…
  4. Who is your favourite male character in Bleach and why?
  5. Who is your favourite female character in Bleach and why?
  6. What is your favourite quote or statement from Bleach?
  7. Who is your favourite villain in Bleach and why?
  8. Who is your favourite captain in Bleach and why?
  9. Which is your favourite fight from Bleach?
  10. What was your favourite Bleach episode?
  11. Which Bleach opening track did you enjoy the most?
  12. Which One Piece closing track did you like the most?
  13. Which is your preferred story arc in Bleach?
  14. Which story arc of Bleach did you dislike?
  15. Who are the most annoying Bleach characters?
  16. What was the saddest moment in Bleach?
  17. What Bleach moment shocked you the most?
  18. We are getting a continuation, would you have preferred a remake?
  19. What moment in Bleach was the most memorable for you?
  20. Do you own any merch from Bleach? If yes; pictures, please.
  21. Do you prefer to watch Bleach in dub or sub?
  22. Which character in Bleach is most like you – why?
  23. If you were to cosplay a Bleach character, who would it be? Why them?
  24. Do you ship any of the characters from Bleach?
  25. Which is your favourite episode or chapter of Bleach?
  26. Which is your favourite form or outfit that Ichigo has?
  27. Who is your favourite and who has the best release form of the Arrancar and Espada?
  28. Which is your favourite Zanpakto and who has the best release form?
  29. Which is your favourite weapon from Bleach?
  30. Which is your favourite Bleach video game?

I’m looking forward to reading your responses and learning more about the people in the Bleach community. Can I ask you to help spread the questions to other fans of the Bleach anime and manga? Finally, I have one more question for you.

Will you join me on this adventure?


Your thoughts?

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