Free Downloadable Demon Slayer Anime Calendar 2022

I noticed that there were quite a few visits to the Demon Slayer anime calendar with quite a few downloads. However, they were for the 2021 calendar. This prompted me to get to the Kimetsu No Yaiba calendar for 2022 out sooner than I had planned.

My calendars have been available to download for free since 2017. Each calendar includes a link to the calendar’s PDF download. Other anime calendars are available for those of us who enjoy mixing and matching our anime calendars.

Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be posting anime series calendars. If you have any specific anime requests for my calendars, comment below. So far, I’ve received requests for calendars themed on sports and romance. Additionally, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, Studio Ghibli, and Solo Leveling. I have completed the calendars for One Piece, Bleach and Tokyo Ghoul.

What do you think about the Demon Slayer calendars?

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Simple 2022 Anime Calendar

For the simple Kimetsu no Yaiba calendar I took advantage of the episode break images. With two from every episode, settling on just 12 was a challenge. I rather like the art style some of these simple calendars are taking on. They look really pretty and the way they show the characters in meaningful moments.

PDF version on Google Drive


Demon Slayer Anime Wall Calendar

The second season of Demon Slayer is in full swing with three episodes out and the recap of the movie complete. The calendar features screenshots from the first and second seasons as well as screenshots from the movie. I have just realised I have reused one screenshot. Oops. Either way, I hope you like this calendar.

PDF version on Google Drive


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    1. Yay! Always makes my day when someone appreciates my calendars (which version of the calendar did you go with?) And I am already working on 2023’s calendars.


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