Who is Your Favourite Female Character in One Piece and Why? [5/30]

When it comes to the women of One Piece I honestly have not paid much attention to them. That means picking a favourite is incredibly challenging. After giving it a lot of thought and trying to recall the women, there are a few that stand out to me. I do like Boa Hancock, I like Vivi too, Nami is a good contender and so is Robin. Carrot is cute too but none of them are my favourite.

Who is Your Favourite Male Character in One Piece and Why? [4/30]

I have multiple characters in One Piece that I would consider for my favourites. I can name quite a few like Shanks, Rayleigh, Ace, Sabo, Kakakuri, the guy from CPO with the bird...I am a simple one to please. As such, deciding on a single favourite was really difficult and as such, I settled for my top two.

Why Should People Avoid Watching or Reading One Piece? [3/30]

I know that this can come across as a more negative question but there are legitimate reasons for people to avoid One Piece. I shall be listing my reasons, as a fan of One Piece but also as someone who had to put the effort in so that I could enjoy the series. This is the 3rd post of the 30 One Piece Questions series.

Why Should Others Start Watching or Reading One Piece? [2/30]

Yesterday, the 22nd of July, was "One Piece Day" and it kickstarted my answers for my 30 day journey answering 30 One Piece Questions. One Piece is one of the longest-running manga and has gone beyond the 1000 chapter mark and is fast approaching the 1 000 episode mark as well.

Why did you start watching One Piece? [1/30]

Why did you start watching One Piece? 22nd of July is recognised as "One Piece Day". As such, here is the start of a 30 day journey answering 30 One Piece Questions, as I am a fan of the franchise.

Why is Mink’s Route so Violent in DRAMAtical Murder?

is extremely violent. I had been aiming for Koujaku. The anime tames this guy and I most certainly had no idea what I was in for. 

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