12 Fan Recommended Halloween Anime

I put a post up on my various social media platforms asking people what anime they would recommend for Halloween. Below are the resulting anime recommendations. I selected the ones that had the most mentions, other than that, I had no input or influence on the list.

Top 20 Seasonal Anime of 2011

Looking back over the decade (2010-2019) there have been some real gems in the anime that have been released. Here I have a look at the top seasonal anime of 2011. The list has been broken up into the top 5 anime of each season based on views, rating and popularity. Top 5 anime of... Continue Reading →

Samurai Champloo

Over 10 years old and this anime still has good animation and a certain charm. Plus there was an epic timing with this post. While I was busy I had a follower on Twitter wish me a good morning with a gif of Mugen! It was really an amazing moment! Genre:  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Samurai, Shounen Number of Episodes: 26... Continue Reading →

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