10 Popular Shounen Anime

Shounen based anime are some of the most-watched anime out there. The intended audience for shounen anime are males aged between 10 and 18 but people of all ages and genders watch them. They cover the typical adventure, coming of age, action-based anime series that often shows the comrade between friends.  As such there are... Continue Reading →

5 Anime struggles for humanity

Happy Human Rights Day! In South Africa anyway (^^,) I see that on the 10th December there is a national human rights day but here in SA we celebrate it on  21 March and we are lucky enough to have it as a public holiday too. So to celebrate in my anime loving way, here... Continue Reading →

Is gaming like in SAO and .hack possible?

Okay, okay I know this is strictly not anime related but I just seriously had to share this with you. The geek in me really geeked out and my inner otaku heart started racing at the possibilities. So what has got me all a quiver and hyped out? VIRTUAL REALITY. Even better it was virtual... Continue Reading →

True Or False: Sword Art Online Answers

Well did I manage to pull the wool over your eyes or did you catch me out?


Many things are said about many various anime, but how well do you know Sword Art Online? Will you be able to spot the difference between the truth and the lies? Are you ready for this challenge? Below are five statements they may all be true or they may all be false, who knows? Do you?... Continue Reading →

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