23 One Piece Opening Songs and My Favourite Is… [11/30]

With nearly one thousand episodes, One Piece has had it’s fair share of opening songs. Some of them have been amazing, some iconic and some have been epic. Between FUNimataion and 4Kids, we also got some of the intro tracks dubbed into English.

Here is the 11th day and 11th post of my 30 One Piece Questions in 30 days series.

So far there are 23 opening songs for the anime:

  1. “We Are!”
  2. “Believe”
  3. “Hikari e”
  4. “BON VOYAGE!”
  5. “Kokoro no Chizu”
  6. “Brand New World”
  7. “We Are! (Straw Hat Pirates Version)”
  8. “Crazy Rainbow”
  9. “Jungle P”
  10. “We Are! (Remix)”
  11. “Share the World”
  12. “Kaze o Sagashite”
  13. “One day”
  14. “Fight Together”
  15. “We Go!”
  16. “Hands Up!”
  17. “Wake up!”
  18. “Hard Knock Days”
  19. “We Can!”
  20. “Hope”
  21. “Super Powers”
  22. “OVER THE TOP”
  23. “DREAMIN’ ON”

The One Piece opening track I enjoyed the most: “We Are!”

Yes I am being pretty basic but I have honestly grown to love and enjoy this opening track. I will be honest and say I have only listened to the English version. I came to love the simplicity of the song and I have now heard it quite a few times. The song grew on me.

The opening “We Are” is originally performed by Hiroshi Kitadani and then by Vic Mignogna in the FUNimation dubbed version. The song was used as the very first intro and was used until episode 47. It was also used in the first One Piece movie and again in a few later episodes.

‘We Are’ Lyrics:

Come on board and bring along,
All your hopes and dreams.
Together we will find everything
That we’re looking for.

One Piece!

Compass left behind.
It’ll only slow us down.
Your heart will be your guide.
Raise the sails and take the helm.

That legendary place,
That the end of the map reveals,
It’s only legendary,
Till someone proves it real.

Through it all,
Through all the troubled time,
Through the heartache,
And through the pain.
Know that I,
Will be there to stand by you,
Just like I know you’ll stand by me.

So come on board and bring along,
All your hopes and dreams.
Together we will find everything
That were looking for.
There is always room for you,
If you want to be my friend.

We are!
We are,
On a cruise!

We Are!

From the 23 opening tracks of the anime, which one did you enjoy the most?

All my answers for the One Piece 30 Anime Questions here

If you feel like torturing yourself, here I am doing a sing along challenge badly 3 years ago now. Wow how my mind has changed in 3 years. I now know the song fairly well and no my singing has not improved.

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