Showing Off One Piece Merch That I Own [22/30]

Over the years of watching and reading One Piece, I have managed to gather some merchandise. I shall share pictures of the merch I have, I am just sad that none of it is actually licensed. The only piece of licensed merch from One Piece that I probably have on my shelves is actually owned by my brother. He purchased it and it somehow wound up at my place on my shelf. He knows it is here – probably. Although a poster or two and maybe a few other pieces of my merch.

Here is the twenty second day and the 22nd question of my 30 One Piece Questions.


One Piece Posters:

I own too many posters to do a one by one feature. I have the standard Wanted posters, I think a move poster (that I should have purchased as a mounted poster) and some single feature character posters.

One Piece Figurines:

Out of all the figurines I am surprised I have, I only went out of my way to get only one of them. The one figure I aimed for was Sanji. The rest kind of just came my way. Shanks is my brothers but as mentioned before, lives with me. The other three I found at a convention and purchased on a whim from the guy that I purchase most of my anime posters from.

Other merch I have:

I have a plushie of Luffy. I got this as an apology for one of my anime posters being really late. I affectionately refer to it as Chucky-Luffy. I also have one badge with Luffy on. I liked the fan drawing and I like collecting badges at conventions. This one has been with me for a few years and attended multiple conventions with me. I also had a Chopper key chain, but it broke. I did not want to loose Chopper so I stuck him to a jar lid and he now stays on my desk.

Do you own any One Piece Merchandise?

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