One Piece Episode That Brings Me Joy [10/30]

Deciding which One Piece episode was hard. I thought of the various episodes that I really, really like and honestly do not mind watching again.

I Claim a Whole Arc for my Favourite One Piece Fight [9/30]

One Piece is renowned for the battles that happen in it. There are plenty of battles, from funny ones to emotional ones, as well as nonsensical ones and of course the high-stake ones. As such, there are plenty of fights to choose from. I myself chose one of my favourites from the anime.

2 Pathetic One Piece Villains [8/30]

Since One Piece has so many characters it is not surprising that there are great characters and pathetic ones as well. Especially when it comes to filler episodes, the characters in those tend to be questionable, pathetic and some have managed to be rather memorable. For my choice of the most pathetic villain I decided to not pick from the filler villains but stick to pure cannon villains.

2 One Piece Villains That Make Me Happy [7/30]

es not mean that the villain is the best one of the series. For my favourite ladies post I pretty much listed two villainesses but I didn't chose them for their villainy. For the best villain I'd be hard pressed to pick one. As for my favourite though, I've mentioned one of them before in a previous post.

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