2 One Piece Villains That Make Me Happy [7/30]

Picking a favourite villian from One Piece does not mean that the villain is the best one of the series. For my favourite ladies post I pretty much listed two villainesses but I didn’t chose them for their villainy. For the best villain I’d be hard pressed to pick one. As for my favourite though, I’ve mentioned one of them before in a previous post.

Here is day and post seven of my 30 One Piece Questions in 30 days series.

Charlotte Katakuri


His love of doughnuts probably earned him his spot here on my list. I am not kidding, that simple joy and pure bliss that I watched instantly improved Katakuri’s favourability for me. The fact that he tried to kill anyone who saw him I can and am willing to ignore. I also adore that he is technically a family man and fighting for his family, that is so sweet. The fact that his family is trying to kill our main cast is what set Katakuri up to be a villain in the story – that and his mother Big Mom.

I also like to think of him as a shy guy with insecurities. He has worked really hard to build up an image and maintain it, going as far as to kill anyone who sees him eating – or just sees his mouth. The fact he was bullied as a child (by the very family he wants to protect) makes me sad.

The way Katakuri reacted when his family actively got involved with his one on one battle with Luffy made me respect him as well. I did question his sanity though when he harmed himself in return to make the fight fair once more. I really enjoyed his character and his growth. Oh and would you look at that, there’s that thing for pink again as mentioned in my favourite female character’s post.

Rob Lucci

I mentioned Lucci briefly in my favourite male character from One Piece post. He is a character that appealed to me right from the moment he stepped on screen – weird bird or not. He appeared and once again One Piece had my attention.

Then we had the whole reveal of his character and I was sold. His cold, aloof and proud personality along with his appearance made me warm up to him. His battle with Luffy made him really stand out for me. I love that he is willing to dirty his hands and sacrifice pretty much anything to satisfy himself. He is not too bothered by morality, as long as the mission is completed efficiently.

The way that he has also found a way to take his twisted pleasure of killing people and do it legally amuses me somewhat. It shows that even though the World Government, an organisation that on the whole is meant to defend the people, has members that fully abuse the system and will use it to suit their needs.

However, the part that sealed his fate as one of my favourite One Piece villain’s is that under his cold, violent and somewhat sadistic nature, there is a part of him that has a heart for those he deems innocent. Although it is not shown in a typical way.

Who is your favourite villain in One Piece and why?

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