I Claim a Whole Arc for my Favourite One Piece Fight [9/30]

One Piece is renowned for the battles that happen in it. There are plenty of battles, from funny ones to emotional ones, as well as nonsensical ones and of course the high-stake ones. As such, there are plenty of fights to choose from. I myself chose one of my favourites from the anime.

Here is the 8th day and 8th post of my 30 One Piece Questions in 30 days series.

My Favourite One Piece Anime Battle: The Summit War of Marineford


No one said that the favourite battle had to be a single one-on-one fight. Thus, I pick the entirety of the war that took place around Marineford. Yes, I even claim up until and including Shanks walking on the scene and basically ending the war.

Summit War of Marineford

During the entire war there were moments where I was nervous, sat on the edge of my seat and sobbed my heart out. I fully enjoyed my experience with this war. There was complete chaos and I lived for it. I would love another full scale war – but I don’t think my heart could take it.

Which are your favourite fights and battles from One Piece?

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Your thoughts?

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