Physical or Digital, I Prefer to Read my One Piece Manga in… [23/30]

Every reader I know has their preferred medium. Some readers like the hard copy and others prefer the digital. You also get the readers that listen to their books or just do not care how they get to consume their story. Working in a book store has taught me that there are many different types of readers.

Here is the twenty third day and the 23rd question b of my 30 One Piece Questions. The anime related question and post for day 23 can be read here.


I would prefer to read One Piece in hard copy

I would love to read a printed hard copy of the manga. As a book worm and a book hoarder, I am saddened that I do not own physical copies to read. However, as an avid reader, I will consume the story in any format that I can. Which means I read them as digital copies. Even if I would prefer the hardcopy. One day I shall collect the entirety of One Piece, omnibus by omnibus.

I read One Piece over on the Shounen Jump app that is available on Apple and Android. I also sometime read it on the Viz Media website.

Do you prefer to read a printed copy or digital copy of the manga?

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Your thoughts?

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