15 New-ish Ecchi Anime

When watching anime and looking for ecchi titles, there are the classics that always get recommended like High School DxD. So I thought I would put together a list of ecchi recommendations that are not older than five years (2017 - 2021).

The First 5 – Joshikausei

Joshikausei, diving straight into a different type of anime to what I am used to. Below are my initial impressions of the first five episodes of Joshikausei and whether I shall be continuing with the series or if I shall be dropping it. Episode 1 What the heck am I watching? Uh, playing with her... Continue Reading →

I’m Addicted, it’s a Classroom☆Crisis

Recently South Africa has been going through power outages on a daily basis. During these scheduled outages I have made sure to have my laptop and phone charged so that I can entertain myself for the four or so hours we are without electricity. As such, I have found myself going through quite a few... Continue Reading →

Steins;Gate, a madman or a genius?

I watched what I thought was Steins;Gate but turns out I have no idea what I had watched because it most definitely was not Steins;Gate. I only realised this was the case after a Fan Art Friday feature. So, I had to watch it and I wish I had the realisation ages ago! Genre: Thriller,... Continue Reading →

What does Manhua mean?

I am finally getting back in touch with my blogging roots and relooking, continuing and expanding my anime dictionary. I thought I would start with the word Manhua. The reason being, I currently seem to be reading a lot of them and figured it would be a fun place to start.  Definition of Manhua Manhua... Continue Reading →

Wicked City, I did not expect this

Man oh man oh man, I am so glad that I watched this away from home and where no one else could hear what was going on. Please note that the movie is R rated and I have included screenshots from the movie. Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Drama, Horror, Super Power Type: Movie Duration to watch:... Continue Reading →

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