Detective Conan Catch Up Month 4 and 5

I aim to catch up on all of the Detective Conan anime episodes by watching five episodes a day. Doing the math showed that it should take me seven months to do so. With the end of April and May, I have completed five months of my journey.

I did not get the chance to sit and think over April’s viewing since the beginning of May, for me, was not good. My fiance was in a really bad car accident that resulted in his car rolling onto its roof. That then meant the rest of the month I needed to prioritise my partner and our day-to-day responsibilities.

Five months into Detective Conan and…


I have completed 645 episodes of the estimated 1062 episodes. That means I have roughly 417 episodes to go! I am actually surprised that I have gone beyond the 600-episode mark in the series. 

From the start of the challenge, I fell 37 episodes behind, and then I put the challenge on hold for  16 days. This means that I have been actively doing this challenge for 129 days out of an estimated 213 days. I should be 645 episodes into the series, which I am. This means I have somehow caught up to where I should be. Considering the intensity of the crap that has been happening in my day-to-day real-world life, I am seriously impressed with myself.

Although I have caught up, I did not watch five episodes a day throughout May. Instead, I watched bigger batches of episodes. I did not want to have to call it quits on this challenge. I really want this challenge to be a success. I was watching at least half a season to a full season per batch. Which is probably how I caught up. 

Detective Conan Anime Case Closed episode Checklist AllAnimeMag
I am still keeping track with my episode log

Thoughts I have about Detective Conan


Ran seeing all the photos in Jodi-sensei’s bathroom, upped my anticipation for the full playout of this situation that had been building up. Jodi has been part of the series for a while now and is incredibly suspicious. However, because she has been so suspicious, I doubt she is malicious. I was looking forward to the grand reveal about her character and it was not a letdown.  

Detective Conan Jodi

I mentioned in a previous Detective Conan wrap-up post that I get agitated with episodes that are longer than the standard 20 minutes. The realisation of a three-hour-long episode really annoyed me. That’s not an episode, that’s a friggen movie.  

I had assumed that Conan would search Agasa’s house for listening devices. Or at least he would continue with the possibility of the house being bugged and acting as such. However, the conversations that happen in the house are completely unfiltered and unguarded, and at times it makes me question Shinichi’s common sense. The organisation has proven on numerous occasions that they are dangerous. Yet, very few precautions have been taken.

The episodes featuring Kaito Kid are fun to watch. I am just annoyed that most of these episodes are 48 minutes or longer. I just want to see more interaction between Kid and Conan. I kind of want to see them team-up. The day-to-day cases are a nice reprieve from the core mystery and intensity of the organisation. I never thought I would appreciate the simple cases where, in comparison, there is no drama. 

Detective Conan Kid vs. the Four Divine Detective Boys

I was really happy to see that Kogoro Mori had started to develop a resistance to Conan’s dart. I feel really bad for the main police couple, Miwako and Wataru. Their timing is really bad, and it is sad. I do love watching their development, though. I also have to mention that Conan’s parents are insane.

The dying message episodes so far are some of my favourite episodes to watch. I am also still obsessed with Gin.


I adore that Detective Conan has a superhero character in it and that it gets featured often. That and God Zilla. I was surprised to learn that Mori had actually been a police officer in the past. 

Did they really kill off Shuuichi Akai? Just as we were getting to know him and his storey? I really enjoyed and liked the mystery involved with this character. I hope his death is a cleverly planned-out ruse. I hope he will resurface and carry on being the epic character I have come to like. 

Detective Conan

I am impressed that I have managed to clear through over ten years’ worth of episodes in a few months. I am annoyed, however, that I have gotten past 600 episodes and Ran’s parents are still fighting. Will they ever stop?

The switch in approach to some of the murders was a welcome surprise. We are informed of who committed the murder straight away and watch as Conan tries to figure out the how instead of the who.

Season 18, Episode 16 gave me my wish of an accident disguised as a murder. The end of the season and the start of season 19 have brought about a few expectations for character growth from Conan. A proper chance for development. His nifty and handy gadgets seem to be brought to the centre to be used as a point of tension due to their being unusable for one reason or another. This results in Conan having to think of an alternative solution. I am looking forward to the development.

I am glad that we are getting new characters, even if they are slightly suspicious. However, I am still hung up on Gin. The new romance between the cop and the teacher is cute and it is great to see character development with new characters.

The confession in London made me so happy but also my heart broke for Ran.

Detective Conan Shinichi Confesses to Ran in London

Questions I have about the series

Detective Conan
  • Why is Conan so okay with exposing the children to danger and dead bodies?
  • How much time has passed since he turned into a child? – A floating timeline does not sit well with me
  • Will Ran ever know who Conan really is without having it explained away?
  • Why does Ran live with her dad and not her mom?
  • Who is Kaito Kid in the grand scheme of things?
  • Why does Conan get sick so often?
  • Why are the adults in this series chill with involving children in criminal cases?

The sixth month of my Detective Conan journey is already halfway done. Are you taking on any long-running anime?


Your thoughts?

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