Top 10 OP Fairy Tail Characters

Every anime I have ever watched has always had that one character who is able to do anything and everything with ease and perfection and Fairy Tail is no exception. Below are my top 10 over powerful Fairy Tail characters. For my list I stuck to the more well known characters in the Fairy Tail Guild.

10 Freed


Freed managed to seal the entire guild and Magnolia town with his runes. He even managed to fight with Mira and ‘force’ her to use her magic, Satan Soul. He has even proven to be a great help to Laxus. Then there is also the fact that he was one of the few who were selected to take part in the S-class exam.

9 Makarov


Of course the master of Fairy Tail would feature. Transforming from a tiny old man into a giant with enormous strength, one of the 10 wizard saints and able to perform Fairy Law is proof enough that he is more than qualified to be on this list. If not for his age he would probably be higher up on the list giving the others a serious run for their money.

8 Gajeel


From totaling the guild hall and making Natsu go all out to saving Levy multiple times Gajeel has grown a lot. Still mainly focusing on brute strength to beat his opponent into submission (which is true for most of the people on this list) Gajeel has not had many fights that he could not handle.

7 Gray


Overcoming stronger opponents, using his brain in almost every situation and proving that he will not loose to the same enemy twice, he has earned his placement on this list. He is able to keep up with the others and he was also selected to take part in the S-class exam.

6 Mira


Don’t let her charming smile fool you, Mira is quite capable and incredibly strong. Especially if her family is in danger. She became an S-class wizard when she was still young. She quite literally  goes from being a charming and friendly person to a complete demonic terror in seconds. Even though she had not used her powers in years she is able to call upon them and still fight at S-Class level.

5 Jellal


Okay I know this one is kinda a cheat since he is not officially part of the Fairy Tail Guild. However he did take part in the Grand Magic Games as one of them and when ever there is serious sh*t happening he is there to lend a hand. He is basically an honorary member. He was once one of the 10 wizard saints, however his power level remains even if his title was removed. Plus he has become more powerful since his having his title removed.

4 Erza


Erza has proven how overly powerful she is with basically every fight. With each strong enemy she is forced to reveal a deep hidden strength and a new OP armor that she wields.

3 Laxus


S-Class and a Dragon Slayer, Laxus already deserves to be on this list. Add into the fact his temper and that after having a minor brawl in a town his lightening wrecked havoc on the town for a long time afterwards. He even managed to defeat incredibly strong opponents when he was sick with anti-magic particles.

2 Gildarts


Only 2nd place even though when he ‘comes home’ Magnolia basically rearranges so that he may get to the guild without damaging anything? Seriously how powerful or clumsy must you be that your home town rearranges itself so that you don’t accidentally destroy it?  Gildarts is also the only character that I can recall that has ever made Natsu realise and accept fear enough to back down. His S-class status is nothing to scoff at either.

1 Natsu


I bet you saw this coming since he didn’t feature lower on the list. Yes, Natsu has had his butt handed to him on numerable occasions and at times he is a complete moron but there is no doubt he is the most OP character on this list. He doesn’t stop at anything when his friends are in danger and need help. He will do what he has to in order to defeat the enemy. He will absorb the enemy’s magic if need be, heck he will even become the villain if he has to. No matter the situation he will get back up and carry on moving forward taking on every challenge he meets.  Every challenge he is faced with he rises above and then crushes.

The list above is not decided on raw power otherwise this list would be quite different. Rather this list started a three hour debate between my brother and I. The result is the list that we both could live with without exploding into world war 3 in our house.My main basis for the list was what character was over powerful for their personality, how they have grown and the fights they have taken part in as well as a few other aspects. My brother’s was more focused on their sheer power.

Is there anyone you feel that I have missed out from my list that should be there? Or should my list be rearranged? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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    1. With how Lucy is now I agree! There are others who need to be slotted in there as well. I’ll do an amended post soon 😀


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