Aquarius the Water Bearer.

Aquarius is one of the 12 golden zodiac celestial spirits. Her key is in the possession of Lucy Heartfilia. Which Lucy inherited from her mother, Layla Heartfilia, Aquarius’s previous key holder.

She resembles a royal blue mermaid. Her tail is long as well as her light blue hair. She has a big bust and her eyes are also blue. She wears a dark blue bikini top and on each arm, she wears golden armlet and bracelet. She has three piercings on her tail. She also wears a golden belt at her waist, light blue crystal earrings and a headband. Near her collarbone is a dark blue tattoo that resembles the Aquarius symbol. The urn that she carries around acts as the basis for the water magic that she can wield.

Aquarius is the moodiest and most ill tempered of the 12 golden keyed celestial spirits. She also tends to threaten to kill her key holder. Aquarius is the only celestial spirit that is irritated by Lucy. Depending on her mood, Aquarius has been known to attack both the opponent and Lucy in a single move. However Aquarius does care for Lucy and her well being.

Aquarius is very sweet, kind and loving towards her boyfriend Scorpio.

IAquarius_wants_to_playn her Eclipsed state, Aquarius becomes a mischievous and cute little girl. Now instead of having a tail she has two human legs and wears a dark blue knee length, shoulder-less dress. She keeps her hair, which is shorter, in piggy tails but she does keep the headband. She also wears long white gloves that reach past the middle of her forearm, black pantyhose and shoes.

Eclipsed Aquarius is very childlike and demanding. She is happy-go-lucky and likes to speak in the third person. She plays roughly and a little unfairly. She fails to comprehend the difference between right and wrong.


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