“The Golden Bull”

Taurus is a humanoid who is really similar to a bull and a cow. His muscular body is bigger on the top half than the lower half. His face is shaped like that of a bull with cow ears. On top of his head are a pair of horns proving that he is a bull like his zodiac sign implies. He wears a golden nose ring and a golden cow bell. His tail ends in a dark tuft. It appears small compared to the rest of his large body. He only wears a brief like blue pants.

Taurus has a really perverted and fun loving personality. However he is devoted to protecting his summoner whenever he is called. He is a capable warrior. Taurus claims he will always protect Lucy’s perfect body. He also has a slightly masochistic side shown when he asks Erza to punish him as well as the others.

Eclipse_Taurus_full_body.pngWhen eclipsed Taurus’s whole personality and demeanor changed. He wears a black suit with his zodiac sign on each side of his chest. He wears a tan shirt and shoes with a purple tie. He is often seen reading a book. He wears a metal mask in the shape of a bull that covers his face.

His personality changed from loud to being calm and sophisticated. He has become obsessed with hygiene. He looses his calm demeanor at the sight of sweat.


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