Digging Too Deep Into Angelic Layer

Anime Review

I’m Addicted, it’s a Classroom☆Crisis

Recently South Africa has been going through power outages on a daily basis. During these scheduled outages I have made sure to have my laptop and phone charged so that I can entertain myself for the four or so hours we are without electricity. As such, I have found myself going through quite a few... Continue Reading →

My Neighbour Totoro

I have an amazing Totoro hoodie and a badge but I had never seen the movie before. Of course I had seen images and gif's and vines about it so I thought Totoro was adorable. However my curiosity ultimately won and I got comfy and finally watched Totoro. So without further delay let’s get down... Continue Reading →

Deadman Wonderland

This review may contains spoilers. Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-fi Anime Episodes: 12 and 1 OVA A massive anomaly happened in Japan destroying most of Tokyo. Right in the center of the destruction a privately owned prison was constructed, Dead Man Wonderland. The prison is designed like an amusement park that is open to the public... Continue Reading →

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