What Lies at the End 23

We are back in the past with the two of them as children. Woojin has started acting strangely and is acting distant towards Yoon Taemin after the incident with Woojin’s mother. His strange distance is really upsetting Taemin. He wants to apologise for that properly and explain it was his own fault for interfering and that Woojin was completely free of blame.

While pretending to be asleep Taemin feels his mother run her hand through his hair. The next morning he is woken up with his father swearing. His mother had left. Feeling like crying Taemin rushed to Woojin wanting to see him. Only when he got there all he saw was a pile of rubble.

Both his mother and Woojin had suddenly left him behind. Which leaves Taemin questioning whether he had done something wrong.

Then we jump back to the present when Taemin gets a phone call from Woojin. Taemin then decides to give Woojin his answer. He has decided he no longer cares what Woojin thinks and that all that Woojin offered to give, he will take.

“A payment for listening to your bullshit”

Woojin agrees and says that he is now starting to sound like Yoon Taemin.


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