Saddest Death in Bleach

This one really was a no brainer for me and still haunts me and breaks my heart every time I watch it. I am saying this now, this post will have massive spoilers if you have not watched Bleach yet, although I would be pretty surprised if you do not know about it already.

There were a lot of characters that died but the title for saddest death for me still remains with Ichimaru Gin.

His whole story was one of the best plot twists. He instantly went from one of the most hated characters of the shows to an unrivalled hero and at the same time a heart breaking sorrow.

He cast away everything just so that he could attempt to take back what had been taken from Rangiku and get revenge for her. He became the bad guy all so that he could protect her just so she would not need to cry again.

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There was something just so pure about his love and adoration for her, it was really remarkable how far he had gone for her. Although it is sad that the two of them had not found a different path to walk together.

Gin is one of a few that I am honestly saddened by his death and wish he could have been some how saved.

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Who was your saddest Bleach death?


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  1. Me, on the other hand, liked Gin since the beginning and knowing his real story, just liked him even more.
    So, he is definitely the saddest death for me

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  2. For me the saddest death was definetly Starrk.

    Even though he was a hollow, he showed more heart than many of the shinigami. He didn’t wish to fight, showed mercy and was honestly shaken by his comrades deaths, his face showed melancholy and reluctance trough most of the figt.
    His expression as he realised Lilinette was gone was just heartbreaking.

    His horrifyingly sad back story was another thing that played a big part in his actions and sadness of his death. He was just lonely. The only reason he followed Aizen was because everyone else died around him, and Aizen brought him a chance to escape from that loneliness, the essence of his whole being.

    Kubo brought back/saved lots of weaker/meaner/more injured characters, and that’s one of the reasons I find Starrk’s death unforgivable.

    But having gotten that rant out of the way, Gin’s death is a close second. Unlike many, I always found him interesting and liked him. His betrayal towards Aizen and real reasons for everything just sold the deal. His death was definetly hard to watch and like with Starrk, I hate his death was made permanent, while many others weren’t.

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    1. Yeah, Starrk’s death was a hard one and agree that it was unfair for those that were saved compared to those that died. There are a few characters that die that I wish had been saved somehow and some that were saved that I would be indifferent to had they died…


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