Bleach Character most like me

I have answered this once before in my 50 Question Challenge but what really surprises me is that my answer still has not changed at all. Even though for the challenge I could choose any anime I still went along with a Bleach character.

So without further delay, the character that is most like me in Bleach is Orihime and yes it still irritates me.

Image result for Orihime

I have been told on more than one occasion and by more than one person that I resemble her. I have been told I resemble her in both looks and personality. Looks I do not mind so much it is just aspects of her personality want to make me cry.

Image result for Orihime gif

Orihime, at times, is clueless and she is often in her own world. She has also proven to be smart and creative even if her intelligence does not instantly come across due to her ‘absent mindedness’.

Image result for Orihime healing

She hates seeing people hurt in front of her and if she can she will help anyone who needs it. At times she has a depth to her that astounds those around her and when she actually tries she excels. Oh, and she is a clutz. My only problem is that she is one of those characters that seriously irritate me. She really does get under my skin and not in a good way.

Image result for Orihime strong

Well, that is the character that is most similar to me. Which anime character is most similar to you?


Your thoughts?

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