My very first podcast!

Last year I was asked if I would be interested in joining a podcast, about anime and I of course went yeah, why not? Then the end of the year went by so fast and before I knew it January was here and rushing by as well. Thankfully we actually managed to get the recording done in January and today the podcast finally went live!

Oh gosh, it was so awkward, or rather I was so awkward the guys, Douw Pretorious and Gregg Barlow, themselves were great! I learnt quite a bit from this and I realised I need to relax and speak up! I am so quiet on this podcast.

I got tongue tied, fumbled and had to think, it was a really interesting experience and I wonder how I shall be if I ever do another podcast.

Here is just the anime recommendation section of the podcast. If you would like to listen to the full podcast you can check it out here on Nexus.

What anime did we miss? What anime would you have recommended? What did you think of our recommendations?

Check out Geek Of All Trades website, they have some pretty cool interviews and interesting and entertaining reads:


Your thoughts?

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