Christmas Wish List

I know we all have our own wish list for Christmas and that we can’t all get what we want for one reason or another. However this doesn’t mean we can’t dream and hope with all our might that we might just get it. Here are the top five things that I wish I could get for Christmas that is Anime and Manga related.

 1. A proper anime and manga store near by


If you know the struggle of finding anime DVD’s and Manga then you will be able to relate. As it is now I have to make my way to weird and sometimes questionable stores that have very limited stock and variety to choose from. So a decent store would be appreciated, preferably at my local shopping center or mall.

2. To start my figurine collection

Untitled design

I would love it if my family would start to buy figurines for me. However they don’t really see that as a gift for Christmas. Plus I understand since they are really expensive.

3. A binge day of anime and manga

Watch anime and read manga.jpg

A complete day of bliss where the only thing I need to do is flip the pages of manga and switch between episodes of anime. The day would be made complete with snacks and no interruptions at all from anyone or anything no matter the reason.

4. A Christmas like in an anime


I would love to spend a Christmas similar to that in an anime, with friends out and about. I love time spent with family over Christmas but I would really like to see my friends as well.

5. For all my incomplete favourite anime to get another season

Just One More Season...

This one is pretty self explanatory. Even though I have read the manga to completion or caught up I would still like to see the animated version where the characters really come to life. Plus if I was one not to read manga I would be left with an incomplete anime filled with lots of questions and frustration.

Now that you know my wish list what is on yours?

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