Pisces the Paired Fish.

Pisces_(2)Pisces are one of the 12 zodiac celestial spirits. Their key is owned by Yukino Agria. Pisces is two separate entities contained within the one key. In their animal form they appear as two massive sea creatures that resemble bodies that look like eels. Their faces are similar to that of koi fish. Both have large round eyes. They also have big gaping mouths with thick lips. They have square teeth. They also have a few fins on their bodies. The main difference between the two are their colouring. Both creatures bear the symbol associated with the constellation of Pisces on their forehead.

Pisces_charges.pngTheir true forms however are humanoid and are that of a mother (the light fish) and son (the dark fish). The mother is a slim young woman with average height. She has long straight dark and glossy hair. Her eyes are slanted and dark. Her eyes are linked to the corresponding side of her face with a linear tattoo. Her figure is rather curvaceous. The son has a dark toned skin and a muscular body which contrasts with his spiky light hair. He is slightly shorter than his mother. He shares his mother’s tattoos. He has an earring in each ear shaped like a shell.

Should the two of them come into contact with water while they are in their humanoid form, they would be turned into a much smaller version of their animal form.

While they are in their human form the son has the habit of referring to their summoner as well as his mother as “mom”, much to the amusement of his mother.   When in their fish form they seem eccentric.

Eclipse_Pisces.pngWhen they are eclipsed the son becomes demanding and avoids his mother. The mother becomes overbearing where her son is involved. The mother turns into a blue shark with bright lipstick and white tipped fins. The son maintains a humanoid form while keeping some fish like characteristics like fins and and webbed fingers.

The son becomes rude especially towards his mother when he feels embarrassed.


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