“The Archer”


A man wearing a horse suit is the very first thing that comes to mind. Then you see the red and white striped shorts. Lastly you see his bow and arrows. He is tall and slim. The horse costume is brown and smiles. His face shows out of a hole in the neck of the horse costume. He also wears a green shirt with yellow trimmings. Under the shirt is purple frills. He wears a belt over the shirt at his waist.

Sagittarius is a very formal celestial spirit. He shows a lot of respect for and to his master. He aims to please his master by answering orders quickly and efficiently to his best ability. He is also very literal, which can cause issues when he misinterprets his master’s commands.  He has the habit of saying moshi moshi, which means hello in Japanese.

When he is eclipsed, 457a24ed8007dd8fc97a3edbeb4827d11de641e9_hq.jpgSagittarius looks like a proper centaur. With the torso and head of a man but the lower body that of a horse. He has fair skin for the human part of his body with a head full of long black wavy hair that hangs loose. He is shirtless revealing a muscled body. Both of his wrists are wrapped in bandages. He wears a golden coloured belt with his zodiac sign on the buckle. On each of his horse legs he wears black ‘socks’ with a golden lining at the top.

His personality doesn’t change that much when he becomes eclipsed. He is honorable and wants to prove his strength in a fair fight with Erza. He also has a stern and more serious demeanor compared to his normal self.





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