“The Lion”

a7022c281e11dcd1268e088d2aee9be6.jpgLoke/Leo has wild orange hair with lion ears blended in. He wears a pair of blue glasses and he  wears an elegant black suit, with the jacket left unbuttoned and the loose pants held up by a light colored belt, over a lighter shirt with a tie around the neck and plain dark shoes. He occasionally also wears rings on his fingers. Through out the anime he is seen wearing different outfits but the black suit is the most recognizable and most often used.

Loke is very flirtatious when it comes to attractive women. He is very loyal and protective of his fellow spirits. He also opens his own gate when ever he wants, often randomly appearing around Lucy. Despite being flirtatious he doesn’t like it when he sees women being abused or taken advantaged of. He is devoted to Lucy and completely willing to follow Lucy’s commands without question or hesitation.

He gets ranked as the fourth in ‘The Wizard I’d Like To Be My Boyfriend’ Rankings of the Sorcerer Magazine.



When eclipsed Leo wears a suit of gold and black armor. He keeps his physical physique of his normal appearance, however there are minor differences. His hair is slightly longer with his lion ears more pronounced. His hair resembles a main giving a more sinister appearance. He ditched the glasses and gets a blue cape. On his armor he has the Leo zodiac symbol.

Like the other spirits his personality has almost completely done a 180. He now despises women and . Claiming that he only seeks perfect freedom for himself and his fellow spirits, showing that he is still loyal and protective of them. He becomes violent when people call him ‘Loke’, especially since he says that has left that part of himself behind. Due to being eclipsed he has developed an obsession with darkness and wishes to conquer everything in order to attain his perfect freedom.





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