The Scorpion

Apariencia_de_EscorpioScorpio has short hair that is divided in the middle with the one side red and the other white. He is relatively tall and has a lean build. He has dark skin and a large tail shaped like a scorpion tail. His tail is a large gun that is has the word “Antares” written on it. He is shirtless, showing off his muscles but he does  wear a red flower shaped collar with gold trimming around his neck. He wears black shorts, and has bandage-like material wrapped around his arms and legs. Over the black pants he wears a red sheet-like material around his waist that is kept up by his large belt that has the Scorpio symbol on it.

Scorpio has a habit of , mimicking the pincer claws of a scorpion. He folds his middle and ring fingers back while keeping his index and little fingers extended to make it look like the pincer of a scorpion. Unlike his girlfriend Aquarius, he is much kinder and shows respect towards Lucy. He tends to speak in an unusual manor starting his sentences with ‘we are’.



Eclipsed Scorpio looks like a fair skinned man with long red hair. His hair is in a platt and ends in the shape of a scorpion’s stinger. His fringe is white. His eyes have a strange shape with triangle ‘cuts’ underneath them. His clothing looks similar to those of a traditional Japanese swordsman, wearing loose black pants and a white top. Covering his shirt and pants is a black half coat with skull symbols on the sides. He also wears a puffy yellow scarf, brown boots and a medallion with Scorpio’s symbol hanging from his neck

Scorpio has a rather calm and collected personality when he is eclipsed. He also likes to gamble, and he enjoys games in general. He has a developed a  fascination for when unexpected things happen, as well as for when someone is full of themselves.



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